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See how you can increase your sales by rewarding your customers with loyalty points

How it works

Customers Purchase Your Product

They Earn Points On Every Dollar Spent

Then They Used Their Earned Points

What Can They Redeem?

There is a variety of items customers can purchase, including consumer electronics & your own products! All consumer goods will be 

How It Works?

When you purchase any Sungrow product from Solar Juice, you will be eligible to earn points to spend at SJ Rewards. Once you’ve earned your points you can spend it on any of our consumer & solar goods that we have available!

Purchase Sungrow Products from Solar Juice

To earn points on Sungrows Loyalty Program, buy ANY Sungrow product when purchasing from Solar Juice. 

Earn Rewards Points On Every Dollar Spent

Points will only be awarded to any Sungrow products that is in your order. Only the dollar amount spent on Sungrow products will earn you points.

Spend your points on any item with your points

Once you’ve earned points from your Sungrow purchases, you can come here to spend your points on a variety of goods.


You will be eligible for points earned during April!